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Onion Dreaming

Dreamtime: Doris Inkamala is a well-known Aboriginal Artist from Alice Spring, N.T., whose artwork is well regarded. She rearranges small bush onion and floral stems very professionally. Wild bush onions are drawn star-shaped and measure half an inch across. Wild onions are slightly more pungent than the leaves. The tall stalks grow together in small clumps and sometimes reach up to two feet in height. It is a favoured food for brolgas. Doris’s artwork is very professional, and customers love her designs. Her works are bold, colorful and detailed.

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 M&S Textiles Australia is the largest manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designs printed on quilting quality 100% cotton fabric. Aboriginal artworks are popular throughout the world and are the only living ancient artwork. Their tradition goes back thousands of years.  It is amazing that many of the artists do not have any formal education or training.


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We have the largest selection of M&S Aboriginal fabrics around.  Over 180 different patterns and colorways to choose from.  Check them out by clicking here.  You’ll find something you like.  We guarantee it.


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Tragic Wildfires in Australia

Satellite photo of a portion of Eastern Australia

The devastation of the bushfires in Australia has been in the news quite a bit lately.  Our thoughts are with those who have lost everything and those who are fighting this disaster. To the communities that have been decimated, the ongoing effect will be mind-boggling.

If you would like to donate or contribute to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal we received information from Jen Kingwell on these two initiatives:   (a government appeal) or


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Alura Seed Dreaming by M&S Textiles 

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Alura Seed Dreaming

By Karen Bird

Karen Bird is a skillful artist from the Utopia region.  Her artwork is neat and incorporates many colors.  The three colorways of this design have a riot of different colors that will add vibrancy to any quilt or patchwork project. Each one of the circles, large and small, contains other colors which make this fabric come alive.

In this artwork, Karen depicted the change of seeds from one season to another.  The growth of the seed changes from winter to summer and back again.  The seed glow change is shown clearly, and the change of season is shown along with it.

This is one of M&S Textiles Australia's latest designs and we love it!

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